Scoping Study and TOR and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for Phamong Hydropower Project


Energy Absolute Public Company Limited



Vientiane Province and Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR


Project Duration

March 2022 –



The Project has been developed by Energy Absolute PCL and it is defined as a large scale, run-of-river hydropower scheme on the Mekong River located on the border between Leoi and Nong Khai Province, Thailand and Vientiane Province/Prefecture (Sangthong District), Lao PDR. The installed electricity generating capacity will be approximately 1000 MW at Full Supply Level of 197 m.  The proposed barrage axis location is in the mainstream of Mekong River approximately at the following coordinates: 18°12’57.8″N 102°08’03.0″E. It is noted that the Transmission Line alignment, and Access Road route are currently not finalized and will be provided at a later stage.


Services Provided

The Scoping Study and Terms of Reference (TOR) and EIA/SIA Study mainly include: the footprint of the project infrastructure, including intake construction area, powerhouse, accommodation camps if any, excavation areas and excavation material disposal, access roads and transmission line, etc; impact on fisheries resources in the project area and upstream and downstream of the project area; impact on direct affected and nearby local communities in terms of loss of income sources, loss of productive and/or socio-economic/culturally significant land, and any other socio-economic impacts of the project; impact on the visual components due to the project development.

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