Household Income Survey for Milestone-Effective Data + 8 years


Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Power Company Limited



Champassak Province


Project Duration

January 2022 – June 2022



The Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Power Co., Ltd. (PNPC), is the owner and operator of the 410-megawatt (MW) PNPC located in Champasack and Attapeu Provinces Lao PDR. The Xe-Namnoy and Xe-Pian Reservoirs have a maximum surface area of 50.6 km2 and 3 km2, respectively. The Project consists of a power station and switchyard at the base of Bolaven Plateau and a 6.2 km tailrace channel that discharges water back into the Sekong River. The electricity generated is delivered to Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand and Électricité du Laos via 230 kV/500 kV and 115 kV transmission lines, respectively.


Services Provided

The aim of the Household Income Survey at Effective Date +8 years and income tests is to enable PNPC to comply with its Concession Agreement Obligations to monitor livelihoods of project affected people ensuring no loss of livelihood after performing social measures by the Company. The 2022 Survey will build on the knowledge base of a previous socio-economic household survey conducted in 2013 (REPDP 2020).

ESL conducted as follows:

Household Survey:

  • Survey all resettled households to collect updated information on income, expenditure and assets.
  • Ensure data compatibility with previous income, expenditure and asset data in the socio-economic baseline for the REPDP 2013.

Data entry:

  • Input the survey data into the existing database

Data analysis:

  • Use household survey data to apply 3 income tests: 1) poverty elimination test, 2) economic parity test and 3) net income improvement test.
  • Identify households which do not pass the income tests.
  • Identify significant differences between baseline household incomes in REPDP 2013 and HIS at Effective Date +8 years, and identify the main reasons for the differences.


  • Report on the conduct of the survey and the results of the three household income tests.

Present the main findings to MoNRE and PNPC Lenders.

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