LXML Sepon Social-Economic Survey 2018 and Community Health Assessment.



Chifeng LXML Sepon.



Vilaboury District, Savannakhet Province


Project Duration

December 2018 – June 2019



This 2018 survey is the eighth socio-economic household surveyed commissioned by LXML since 2001; the last was conducted in 2015. Communities nearby the mine were selected taking into consideration 1) mine-related impacts, 2) mine-related benefits, and 3) mine-related risks. Within each community, households were selected through stratified random sampling; a higher sample rate was applied in villages likely to be most affected by the proposed Primary Gold Project. A total of 1,111 households were interviewed.


Services Provided

ESL conducted socio-economic survey and community health assessment in 2018 for the LXML Sepon Primary Gold Project in Sepon District, Savannakhet Province.


The services include collecting socio-economic health level data in villages close to the existing project area and the proposed primary gold project area, collecting community health information, assessing and analyzing quantitative and qualitative data on current socio-economic and health status of target villages, comparing the results with past surveys conducted in the same area by LXML and providing data as an input to the ESIA and associated management plans for the proposed LXML primary gold project.

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