ACTwatch Malaria Medicine Studies 2015



Population Services International (PSI)



5 Provinces in the South of Lao PDR:

  1. Savannakhet Province
  2. Saravane Province
  3. Sekong Province
  4. Champasack Province and
  5. Attapue Province.


Project Duration

October 2015 – January 2016



ACTwatch is a multi-country research project implemented by Population Services International (PSI).  ACTwatch malaria medicine studies are conducted in 15 countries (Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Benin, the DRC, Kenya, Madagascar, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Ethiopia and India).  More than 30 national outlet surveys have been conducted since the project was launched in 2008. From October-December 2015, PSI Laos plans to conduct the ACTwatch national antimalarial medicine survey in outlets from all sectors including public, regulated private and unregulated private.  The ACTwatch study is conducted among a representative sample of all outlets with the potential to provide antimalarial medicines and/or malaria blood testing.  The survey will be conducted using paper-based questionnaires provided by ACTwatch.


Services Provided

The work will encompass all activities necessary to implement the ACTwatch survey which includes: training of trainer (TOT) and pilot training, fieldworker training, field work, and data entry, field report, and paper questionnaires deliverable.  Also ESL were expected to implement the following tasks: Meeting and training with ACTwatch, Data collection and Data entry.

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