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Health Impact Assessment for Biomass Power Generation Project for 75 MW, Coal Thermal Plant for 110 MW and Fertilizer Factory Project.



Sun Paper Holding Lao Co., Ltd.



Savannakhet Province


Project Duration

December 2020 – August 2021



Sun paper Holding Lao Co., Ltd is a paper manufacture with several other activities supporting the project such power plant, agriculture plant, etc. The project is surrounding by several villages, so it is needed to do the baseline health assessments of the surrounding people/villagers that have potential to be affected by the projects. Thus, it is required to conduct the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) for this project as a requirement of Government of Laos.


Services Provided

ESL conducted the HIA study.   The services include screening/scoping to identify the type of HIA needed to conduct, baseline study with primary and secondary data collection, risk assessment, impact identification and assessment, prevention and mitigation measures, and health management and monitoring plans. ESL also conduct the public consultation at a district/provincial level and technical meeting to obtain feedbacks from health authorities and address them into the final report to be approved by the Ministry of Health.

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