Health Impact Assessment Houaphan Thermal Power



Houaphan Thermal Power Company Limited (Under CWE)



Houaphan Province.


Project Duration

March – October 2017



Houanphan Mine-Mouth Power Project (HMMPP) is conducted searching, exploring, coal mining and thermal power plant in Xamneua district, Houaphan Province. HMMPP is located in Hamneua village, Xamneua district, Houaphan Province, Lao PDR and it is about 15 km south from Xamneua town. Each millstone for the project progress is listed as below:

  • Project Feasibility Study June 2015
  • Coal Mine Feasibility Study June 2015
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) July 2015
  • Health Impact Assessment (HIA) July 2017


HMMPP Project is 2×300 MW coal thermal power plant which mainly conducted underground mining and partially open-pit mining in the nearby power plant site. In addition, the project also has a development of 230 kV transmission line from the project switchyard to Xamneua sub-station, and the construction of project access road to Road No. 6 which has a total length of 8 km.


Services Provided

The services include screening/scoping to identify the type of HIA needed to conduct, baseline study with primary and secondary data collection, risk assessment, impact identification and assessment, prevention and mitigation measures, and health management and monitoring plans. ESL also conduct the public consultation at a district/provincial level and technical meeting to obtain feedbacks from health authorities and address them into the final report to be approved by the Ministry of Health.

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