Nanong Khotpathoum’s professional experience has involved various senior positions in the Government involving the responsibility for renewable energy policy and technology and hydrology. From 1992 to 2000 was a senior manager with the US based NGO in Vientiane with responsibilities of supervising project field managers and technical staff of repatriation program and many other development projects. From 2000 Nanong has been Executive Director of Earth Systems Lao providing both technical and project management expertise. He has the responsibility of overall direction for Implementation and Management of Environmental and Social Consulting activities. This has involved in selecting, organizing and implementing specialist consultancies in the different fields of biodiversity, land resource use, health and nutrition, archaeology and cultural heritage etc… 2012 Earth Systems Lao was separated in Earth Systems and ESL which is a Lao Consulting Company. Nanong is always in the position of Executive Director and also owner of ESL. As always Nanong has also taken an active role of project manager and the role in the Government liaison, Community Consultation and public participation aspects.