In a high rainfall environment like Laos, water resource management is a critical issue for industry, for communities affected by development projects, and for government regulators. Hydropower operators need robust watershed management to ensure the long-term viability of their investment. Mining operators typically extract raw water for processing, which then requires treatment of waste water before discharge. Control of erosion and sediment loading in sensitive surface water bodies is a key challenge for all projects that involve land clearance, including road building and heavy industry.

ESL provides watershed management service to minimize risks project investors while ensuring the sustainability of natural resources and socio-economic livelihoods that depend upon it

Our services including:

  • Advice on legal and other obligations relating to water resource management
  • Hydrological and meteorological data collection and analysis
  • Water quality monitoring and sediment sampling for analysis on physical, chemical and biological parameters
  • Geological and soil analysis
  • Sedimentation and erosion modeling and design of control measures
  • Watershed modeling
  • Integrated water resource management
  • Training and capacity building on watershed management
  • Point and non-point source pollution assessment
  • Land-use and land-cover analysis using field data and satellite imagery
  • Groundwater contamination assessment

Relevant Experience

  • Environmental Monitoring Program for Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited and Nishimatsu Construction Company Limited
  • Initial Environmental Examination on Pak Lay and Pak Beng Hydropower Project for NordConsult
  • Optimization Study of the Mekong Mainstream Run-of-River Hydropower for CompanieNationale du Rhône
  • Nam Ton Water and Sediment Monitoring Program for SUMALOM