Waste management is a significant challenge for both industry, government and communities. Mining, hydropower, factories and other industrial facilities generate a range of waste materials – including hazardous waste – that must be handled appropriately. As urbanization accelerates in Laos, municipal waste management is becoming an increasing concern with specific challenges for minimization, recycling and disposal.

ESL provides services on municipal, industrial and hazardous waste management to the private sector, governments and international development partners.

Our services including:

  • Waste management audits to assess the adequacy, efficiency, effectiveness and regulatory compliance of existing waste management processes
  • Analysis of waste generation sources, waste characteristic, disposal methods and treatment technology
  • Design of waste facilities including water treatment, landfill disposal, segregation bays and collection points
  • Environmental inspection and monitoring of solid waste handling and storage facilities
  • Monitoring of waste water treatment and effluent discharge for compliance with environmental standards

Relevant Experience

  • Solid Waste Assessment on behalf of the Environmental Monitoring Unit of Nam Theun 2 Power Company (Nakai District, Khammouan Province)
  • Specialist technical advice for the Solid Waste Master Plan as part of the AusAID Da Nang Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Vietnam
  • A review and assessment for Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in the funding of Vientiane Municipalities’ Solid Waste Management infrastructure and management capacity