The health and nutritional status of a community is an important indicator of overall wellbeing and socio-economic development. Improvement in health and nutrition indicators during the course of a project is often a key goal. Measuring change requires accurate baseline data to provide a reference point, and periodic follow-up surveys to measure and track change.

ESL helps clients in the non-profit sector, in industry and in government to grasp health and nutrition issues affecting target communities, to identify needs and priorities, and to design mitigation measures and proactive interventions to improve community health.

Our services include:

  • Health impact assessments (for ESIAs)
  • Baseline health & nutrition surveys
  • Health and antenatal care analysis
  • Child nutrition study (anthropometric study)
  • Survey on availability and coverage of health services

Past experience:

  • PBM Phu Kham Health Baseline Survey
  • PBM Ban Houayxai Health Baseline Survey
  • Phonsavan Copper-Gold EIA – Health Impact Assessment
  • Nam Ou ESIA – Health Impact Assessment
  • Thakho HPP – Health Impact Assessment
  • ACTWatch – Malaria Medicine Survey