ESL has a highly skilled in-house GIS & Remote Sensing Division specializing in procuring, preparing, analysing and producing high-quality output such as maps, datasets, customised 2D- and 3D-views etc. GIS field data is combined with other GIS datasets and satellite images to provide geo-spatial overviews and analyses of complex socio-economic and environmental information.

Service areas

  • Procurement and preparation of satellite imagery
  • Custom GIS maps to suite client’s specific needs
  • Survey and mapping of community infrastructure
  • Field surveys (e.g. topographical surveys, DGPS surveys)
  • 3D visualizations of project footprint
  • Thematic maps (e.g. forest cover and land use, UXO prevalence, poverty incidence)
  • Display maps (e.g. framed wall maps, display boards) showing country level or provincial level information
  • Spatial analyses (e.g. estimating extent of inundation from a reservoir using elevation value, demarcation of project buffer zones, land use analysis, hydrology analysis, erosion analysis, etc.)