Environmental management is inter-disciplinary and requires expertise in both physical environment assessment and socio-economic and legal issues. ESL has substantial working experience in environmental management including legal review of environmental issues, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Monitoring and Management Plan (EMMP), and participatory planning.

Our services including:

  • Review and update national legislation collection
  • Technical study on multi-environmental parameters including hydro-meteorology, climatology, water quality, air quality, natural resource, biodiversity, ecological conservation, noise, vibration.
  • Baseline studies, environmental management and monitoring plans.
  • Rehabilitation and re-vegetation
  • Field investigation on ecosystem and fishery
  • Landuse change analysis
  • Participatory landuse planning

Relevant Experiences

  • NT2 Multi-environmental assessment and consultancy on Environmental Monitoring Programfor Italian-Thai Develop. Co. Ltd and Nishimatsu Construction Co. Ltd
  • Technical assistance in Environmental Management for Nam Then Power Company (NTPC)
  • Community participatory planning for MMG – LXML Sepon Expansion Project
  • Assessment and planning the Environmental and Social Impacts of Viet-Lao Rubber Company Industrial Rubber
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for SLACO Bauxite Mining activity
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Ban Houayxai Gold Silver Project
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment on Takho Hydropower project for National du Rhone and EDL
  • Environmental baseline survey for the Century Gold Cupper mine site
  • Nam Ton water and sediment sampling program