Well planned and orchestrated community consultation is a central aspect of successful development projects in Lao PDR. The diversity of Lao culture is represented by some 131 ethnic groups that living separately and alongside other groups in rural, provincial and urban settings. For economic development to achieve environmental and social sustainability the community must be engaged as a key stakeholder through all phases of the project cycle. ESL has strong experience in conducting community consultations that effectively engaging communities negatively and positively affected by development projects.

Our services include:

  • Stakeholder identification, mapping and analysis
  • Design of stakeholder engagement plans
  • Liaising with central, provincial, district and village level government authorities to ensure projects adhere to formal and informal protocols specific to Lao PDR
  • Participatory community development planning
  • Implementing community consultation processes
  • Advising on participatory approaches suitable to the Laos context
  • Mediating disagreements and facilitating negotiations between communities and project proponents

Past experience:

  • Stakeholder identification and analysis for IEEs and ESIAs – numerous projects
  • Participatory community planning for the Thengkham Copper Expansion Project
  • Participatory community development planning for MMG LXML Sepon Expansion Project