Building capacity among staff working for companies, projects and government is in many cases a pre-requisite for successfully implementing programmer and achieving required outcomes. ESL has a demonstrated track record in building the technical and managerial capacity of local government officers, company staff, and community members on a range of topics relating to environmental management and monitoring, social impact assessment, GIS and community development.

ESL Services include:

  • Capacity gap analysis and training needs assessment
  • Training, coaching and mentoring of staff
  • Organising public awareness campaigns
  • Designing best practice environmental management programs.
  • Developing management systems documentation (strategic plans, guidelines, procedures and data collection systems)
  • IT systems, database design and management etc.

Past experience:

  • Technical assistance to Nam Ngum 5
  • Refresher training on World Bank Environmental safeguard for EDL staff
  • Technical assistant to government staff of the Environmental Management Unit (EMU) for Nam Theun 2
  • Capacity building for Vilabouly District government staff involved in Environmental and Social Management for the MMG Sepon operation
  • Strengthening of environmental management capacity of the Science Technology and Environment Agency (STEA)