PNPC – Update Land & Asset Survey and Management Plan for 115kV, 230kV and 500kV

27. PNPC – Update Land & Asset Survey and Management Plan for 115kV, 230kV and 500kV


Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Power Co. Ltd



Champasack Province, Lao PDR.


Project Duration

September 2012 – February 2014



Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Power Co. Ltd (PNPC), is the owner and operator of the Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy Hydroelectric Power Project (the Project) located in Champassak and Attapeu Provinces, Lao PDR. The Project is a 410-megawatt (MW) scheme, involving two river diversions on the Bolaven Plateau. The Project also consists of a power station and switchyard at the base of the Bolaven Plateau, and a 6.2 km tailrace channel that discharges water back into the Sekong River.


The electricity generated by the project will be delivered to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and Electricite Du Laos (EDL) via 230 kV/500 kV and 115 kV transmission lines, respectively. The 115 kV power transmission line Right of Way (ROW) is from the power station switchyard to the existing 115/22 kV Saphaothong Substation near Attapeu. The 230 kV/500 kV power transmission lines ROW is from the power station to the border of Thailand.


Services Provided

The update Land and Assets survey is to:

  • Provide detailed information on land and assets within the ROWs of the 115 kV and 230/500 kV transmission lines
  • Provide an inventory of loss (IOL) from the project, including names of the affected people, proof of ownership, and detail of land areas and properties that would be temporarily or permanently lost
  • Identify issues raised during village consultations and provincial/district-level consultations.


Subsequent environmental and social scoping investigations identified the need to update the Construction EMMP to take into consideration a Biodiversity Conservation Corridor (BCC) that is to be traversed by the 230 kV alignment. The updating of the Construction EMMP has also provided an opportunity to include information from the detailed project design and the updated LAS.



Sit visit

Meeting with District governor office at Sanamxai District

Village consultation