Health Impact Assessment (HIA) for Xekong Thermal Power Plant Project.


Xekong Thermal Power Plant Company Limited.


Kaleum District, Xekong Province

Project Duration

March 2020 – May 2021



Health Impact Assessment is conducted for Xekong Mine Mouth Thermal Power Plant Project in Kaleum district, Xekong province. the Project is required to prepare a conceptual Mine Closure Plan (“MCP”) that will be submitted together with the feasibility study report to the Ministry of Energy and Mine (“MEM”) for their consideration and approval


Services Provided

ESL conducted the HIA study in 2020.  The services include screening/scoping to identify the type of HIA needed to conduct, baseline study with primary and secondary data collection, risk assessment, impact identification and assessment, prevention and mitigation measures, and health management and monitoring plans. ESL also conduct the public consultation at a district/provincial level and technical meeting to obtain feedbacks from health authorities and address them into the final report to be approved by the Ministry of Health.

Screening meeting

Health checking before interview

at Thamdeng village

Provincial/Central Consultation