Chifeng LXML Sepon Socio-Economic Household Survey

ESL engaged by Chifeng LXML Sepon to conduct the socio-economic and health survey for 25 villages within the Greater Project Development area (GPDA) for supporting operational planning requirements and fulfillment of a regulatory commitment to monitor and manage the effects of its mining operation on communities near by the Sepon Copper Mine. Since commencing its mining operations in 2001, similar socio-economic surveys have been conducted at 2-3 year intervals.

The survey is to provide up-to-date information on socio-economic and community health conditions, changes and trends in nearby communities. This enables LXML to assess social performance outcomes and to update social management plans for its existing mining operations, including the expanding mine operations for primary gold.

Village level survey and focus group discussion and Socio-economic household survey for 25 villages in Bounkham town in December 2018

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